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RE: bug/feature in progress?

From: David Byron <>
Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 10:46:57 -0700

David Byron wrote:

> $ ./curl -O
> 10k --continue-at -

> % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time
> Dload Upload Total Current Left
> 6 1005k 6 66058 0 0 9949 0 0:01:43 0:00:06 0:01:36
> When I execute the download command again, both the % total
> and % received numbers start back from 0 again, even though
> the file is partially there. The total number of bytes seems
> to start at a non-zero number, but that one seems too
> big....Anyway, I'm more concerned about the percentage for now.

Replying to myself, I can now see that the total to download gets smaller
with each invocation. From that perspective, the % of total, and total
number of bytes are correct, as are the received numbers.

> I'll try this with 7.10.5 in the meantime, but the release
> notes don't make it sound like anything like this has
> changed.

It's the same with 7.10.5.

So, I guess I can pass the total size in the void * that gets passed to the
progress function. Are other people interested in having the progress
information reported like this? If so, it looks like calling
Curl_pgrsSetDownloadSize() gets more complicated than it currently is in
transfer.c (line 562 of rev 1.150). Would you consider a patch that adds a
CURLOption to support this? Any pointers to the questions I asked in my
previous post?

All the best,


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