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POST data goes into second packet.

From: Kaye-Smith Adam <>
Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 15:32:58 +1000

Hello ,

I am trying to replicate what occurs when I logon on to a website through a browser.

With curl I am using the -d to post the variables and -H to changes headers values & this works as expected but when I monitor what packets are exchanged (via the ethereal network analyser) when the browser provides its posted values, the browser puts its variables in a packet that is seperate to the initial post packet. ie the Host:, User-agent:, Accept: headers are in the first http packet & the next http packet has just the postdata & the headers Type: & Size. I am not sure if this critical to why my curl based form entry is not working but how do I get curl to emulate the browser by defining exactly what goes in what packets in the initial POST sequemce ( which includes a second packet as stated above).



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