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From: Ralph Mitchell <>
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 2003 05:01:01 -0600

To put it simply, when you make the POST, the server is going to give
you *something* back, and that something is likely to be html with the
session string embedded somewhere, if it's not a cookie.

Once you have the html (or cookies, whatever), extracting the session
string is not too hard. It's what you do next that's likely to be

Ralph Mitchell

G G wrote:

> Wouldn't it be nice if I were able to pay my bills in a totally
> automated way from my home PC via my bank's website? I think a tool
> like curl would allow me to do that. But not being experienced
> programming for curl, I need the guidance of the curl gurus to get
> where I want to be. My first hurdle is the following: All my credit
> card web links and my Wells Fargo account have an initial account
> number /password form which can easily be filled using POST form
> fill-ins. But right after submitting this first form, a SESSION gets
> created. Is there a way to grab this session super-long string, so I
> can keep using it for subsequent maneuvering inside the deeper reaches
> of the website? I don't think this session string should be confused
> with a cookie. Could you give me a concrete example, please, of an
> analogous situation that requires session management for subsequent
> requests. Perhaps I haven't done enough reading yet and the answer is
> in some FAQ elsewhere in the documentation, so, being a newbie here, I
> ask understanding and patience from you, the enlightened, experienced
> crowd. Thanks. Gustavo -
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Received on 2003-01-08