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Deferred Synchronous using Multi Interface

From: <Priya.Ramakrishnan_at_WellsFargo.COM>
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 16:31:16 -0700

I have started using libcurl 7.9.7 recently so that i can do non blocking
http connection. I am working
on a C++ wrapper around Curl and Open SSL. The interfaces i create for
deferred synchronous using
Curl must be used by the clients code to retrieve the data any time it

Can you tell me how to relate between a particular easy handle and the
fd_set or socket id.

Would really appreciate if someone could help me with this information. Or i
need to know when
the Perform has been completed and when all the data have been received so
that it can retrieved
by the clients code.

Thank You
Priya Ramakrishnan

Ph:415 396 8985

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Received on 2002-06-25