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Re: Can't seem to transfer binary type

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 20:15:31 +0200 (MET DST)

On Mon, 17 Jun 2002, Poulson, Shawn wrote:

> I'm using libcurl via Perl using the Curl::easy module on a Win32 platform.
> I don't seem to have a problem downloading files, however they always come
> down with the line endings translated from Unix to Dos type, regardless of
> the file I select. The Verbose description shows "TYPE I", but the file
> sizes are different and binary files are corrupt.

CURLOPT_CRLF is the only thing left then that might be fiddling with your
data. If you haven't used that, then I feel like blaming this on the ftp

> This happens regardless of the setting of CURLOPT_TRANSFERTEXT.

But then you get "TYPE A", right?

> Any ideas what I can do?

Does this work with a "plain" ftp client?

> > RETR mbox
> * Getting file with size: 436497
> * Connection #0 left intact
> * Closing connection #0
> Done. (449088 bytes)
> Note "Getting file with size" versus "Done .. bytes" difference.

That also points to CURLOPT_CRLF or that the server sends more data than it
initially said it would.

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