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RE: Curl hangs?... Was: what i'm doing wrong?

Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 13:44:52 +1000

That's right, you'll get the free articles (the links you get the in table of contents without logging in). But if you compare that toc with the one that I attached, you'll find out that you have the links enabled only on certain articles, in the attached one you get links for everything.

So if you try, for example,

in the browser it'll just redirect you to provider's page. Using curl with cookies after logging in in the first step I'll get the stupid "article deleted or script error" output.

I'll try without proxy when I get back home this weekend, but I don't think that's the cause. I mean, it works with the browser... Thanks for trying anyway.


>>> 11/21/01 11:01am >>>
I tried just for kicks. I found I could retrieve an individual page
(view.php?id=nnnnnn&print=yes) without having to send ANY cookies. Of
course, this is with a direct internet connection (no proxies to get in
the way). Of course, if some pages are password protected, obviously
they probably need to use cookies and/or something.

Could you try:
 1) leaving cookies off entirely
 2) if possible, try this on a direct internet connection
    to narrow down whether it's a proxy related issue.
 3) if #2 points to the proxy, could you work with your
    proxy administrator to see if they can help pinpoint
    what's not working?


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Sent: Tue 11/20/2001 7:37 PM

P.S. Thanks for the tip, -c only didn't do the job... curl then doesn't
hang and receives all the files, but the "articles" received are just
the generic error notification produced by the php script. So how do I
do "careful combination" :) of -b and -D?...

>>> 11/21/01 12:52am >>>
Not sure if this is the right guess; however it seems that the last
request shown in your output.txt file doesn't send any COOKIE data along
with the request, however the previous request does.

Could this possibly be because you're using both -b and -c? "-c" should
work all by itself, or a careful combination of -b and -D.

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