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curl-config reports wrong info!

From: Domenico Andreoli <>
Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 15:36:53 +0200


i have a problem

during ./configure (which is a shell script, you all know) gets
transformed in curl-config. all this script does is printing the $CFLAGS $LDFLAGS
and the like that configure is putting in Makefiles.

when i compile curl with ssl on my debian system i don't need to specify anything
but --with-ssl on configure commandline since my developing anvironment is already
set up for compiling the right way with ssl libraries. the matter is the configure
thinks it is getting ssl stuff from /usr/local/ssl... you know where i'm going,
curl-config will eventually say to get includes and libs from /usr/local/ssl.

this is completely wrong. oh... maybe this is no harmful since again the build
environment for the developer using libcurl is that of debian, so works for him
as it works for me. anyway, the main purpose of curl-config is missed.

i see that for kerberos you can specify separate includes and libs directories,
i think that a feature like this for ssl stuff would let me build everything as
i (and debian) need.


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Received on 2001-05-17