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Re: Japanese characters in URL

From: SM <>
Date: Wed, 09 May 2001 18:51:08 +0400

At 10:06 07-05-2001 +0200, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
>Now, how the heck do Japanese guys enter a Japanese URL in a command line? I
>mean, what kind of byte-stream will be read from the argv[] array?

The "locale" setting identifies the character set to be used and how the
text should be handled. IIRC, JIS is one of the character sets used in
Japan. The application (cURL) processing the input will have to handle the
required conversions before passing the data over to libcurl.

If the input uses a Double Byte Character Set (sometimes referred to as
MultiByte Character Set), a lookup table can be used to do the conversion
to 7-bit ASCII.

Received on 2001-05-09