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Re: Japanese characters in URL

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 10:06:59 +0200 (MET DST)

On Sun, 6 May 2001, Sterling Hughes wrote:

> Perhaps a function should be added to cURL to urlencode these strings
> (either as an option or by default)...

libcurl actually already has a function that url-encodes strings, its named
curl_escape() (lib/escape.c). It is still very byte-oriented and not much use
for Japanese characters as they would probably be using unicode or something.

> We have such a function in the PHP source that could easily be ported to
> cURL (Its a pretty standard routine, and I'll do it if you want).

I am of course always happy to receive improvements/corrections to existing

> It wouldn't affect existing code (ie, it won't improperly munge correctly
> encoded URL's), and might be of convience to users...

If I were to add "URL encoding" to the curl command line tool, it would be
made with a special option that would switch it on. Leaving it to work
exactly as today without the option. (I'm not totally convinced this needs
to be added.)

Now, how the heck do Japanese guys enter a Japanese URL in a command line? I
mean, what kind of byte-stream will be read from the argv[] array?

  Daniel Stenberg -- curl project maintainer --
Received on 2001-05-07