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Curl and IIS 4 Client Authentication using pem certs

From: Ziozio Lim <>
Date: Thu, 03 May 2001 09:17:03 -0000


I'm trying to set up a folder on IIS 4 with client certificate
authentication (and with "Enable Client Certificate Mapping" checked). I've
created a signed certificate using Openssl and used it to create an entry in
the "Account Mappings" mapping it to a NT account user. I then restarted
the IIS server juz to ensure the mapping is enforced.

From another machine, I've tried the curl application:
curl --cert test.pem https://testserver_ip/secure_folder/index.htm

But the IIS is always giving the error that the server requires an
appropriate client certificate before allowing access to the resource.

Anyone tried this before??

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Received on 2001-05-03