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Programs Using libcurl

An incomplete list of applications that use libcurl. There are many more out there. Many applications are also built on top of various libcurl bindings, and they are not included here. Mail curl-web to get added to this list.

  1. Aegis A Software Configuration Management System, with a process which includes code reviews and automated testing. Aegis supports distributed development.
  2. Aku Aku is a download queue that handles HTTP and FTP downloads. It listens for URLs on a FIFO and queues them up, downloading a set number at a time.
  3. AlsaPlayer pcm audio player for Linux and other similar systems
  4. Amanda, a backup system that allows the administrator to set up a single master backup server to back up multiple hosts over network to tape drives/changers or disks or optical media.
  5. AST a web-based application for keeping track of stocks. It features a portfolio with dividend tracking, worksheet to keep track of prospects, a stock comparison utility and a search engine for the stock market.
  6. Audited Objects A tool for the analysis and optimization of automated software processes like builds. Provides ClearCase-like build features in a non-proprietary fashion.
  7. bidbuddy Pay per click search engine bid management system checks and updates keyword bids on most major engines. Uses Curl to retrieve keyword bid data from secure xml feeds and to post back updates.
  8. Blue Frog spam "hit back" tool
  9. BOINC - A software platform for distributed computing using volunteered computer resources. Used by popular project such as SETI@home, and IBM's World Community Grid.
  10. camE camE is a Webcam grabber designed for video4linux devices
  11. Clam AntiVirus (Clamav) a GPL anti-virus toolkit for UNIX
  12. CMake A cross-platform, open-source make system - uses libcurl for submitting testing results
  13. CodeWorker a parsing tool and a source code generator, available in Open Source devoted to cover many aspects of the generative programming.
  14. Comic Collection in C A system to automatically download, catalogue and view webcomics.
  15. curl Command line tool to transfer files using URL syntax
  16. curl-loader Provides a HTTP/HTTPS load based on libcurl, simulating thousands and tens of thousands of clients, each with its own source IP-address
  17. CurlFtpFS A FTP filesystem based on curl and FUSE
  18. darcs Yet another replacement for CVS, written in Haskell.
  19. DataShift DataShift is a win32 application which is part of our client-server system to generate HTML, Flash and PDF webcontent. Libcurl is being used for all communication between DataShift and the server application.
  20. DaVinci DaVinci is a journalling client. It works as a stand-alone journal manager, or with online journalling systems such as Advogato and LiveJournal.
  21. DCTC DCTC (Direct Connect Text Client) is a library that gives access to the direct connect world
  22. DevProxy A small (<500kb) Win32 anonymous proxy server
  23. DigiGuide The most powerful and flexible TV and radio guide for the UK and Ireland
  24. Discover Discover is a hardware identification system based on the libdiscover2 library. Discover provides a flexible interface that programs can use to report a wide range of information about the hardware that is installed on a Linux system.
  25. Doom3 Doom3 is the legendary first person shooter game.
  26. Eiffel Studio An IDE for Eiffel development
  27. EmBrowser EmBrowser has been developed from the ground up, targeting the Linux OS and designed to achieve small size and high performance. It is built around a small browser core, but with loadable extension modules to support full-featured web browsing.
  28. Emma3D A free, open-source platform for creating and delivering real-time 3D rich media over the internet.
  29. Ensemblist a 3D puzzle game in which you have to model a given shape with geometric primitives that you must assemble with boolean operations (using constructive solid geometry)
  30. eSOAP Embedded SOAP toolkit
  31. fbida image viewer
  32. FFTS The Finicky Financial Trading System (FFTS) is an open-source front-office trading and risk management system
  33. git an open source, distributed version control system
  34. Gizmo an internet telephone, that is as simple as instant messaging
  35. Gnash a GNU Flash movie player
  36. gnaughty A GTK frontend to the movies section of
  37. Gnosi Gnome2 Software Installer
  38. Gnu PG a complete and free replacement for PGP
  39. Gravytris a 3D-tetris
  40. grip Grip is a cd-player and cd-ripper for the Gnome desktop.
  41. Grub-Client an open source, distributed internet crawler
  42. gSpinner gSpinner is a horrible hack that uses trplayer, RealPlayer 7 and up, and libcurl to simulate the interface of Spinner Lite, a Web-based interface to the Internet "radio" service.
  43. Habitat a performance management system which captures, stores, and visualises table-based time series data.
  44. HTTP Header Lint Httplint performs various checks on HTTP/1.1 headers returned by a server.
  45. httpup httpup is a simple program to synchronize data in one direction
  46. HyPhy A free multiplatform software package intended to perform maximum likelihood analyses of genetic sequence data and equipped with tools to test various statistical hypotheses.
  47. IPWatcher around-the-clock website monitoring
  48. iShell iShell is a professional rich-media authoring tool, ideal for building custom Internet applications, advanced CD-ROM-Internet hybrids, e-learning applications and Internet kiosks.
  49. komhem automates login to the cable/ADSL provider Telia Comhem
  50. LANforge FIRE The LANforge-FIRE platform can generate FTP, HTTP, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, Ethernet and custom payloads.
  51. LaRepubblicaDL A downloader for the Italian 'La Repubblica' newspaper
  52. LaserNet LaserNet receives multiple formats of purchase orders and supplier invoices for automatic handling and integration with the ERP system. Uses libcurl for ftp and http upload/download.
  53. libcmis, CMIS protocol client library
  54. libcomprex libcomprex library transparently handles automatic compression and decompression of files
  55. libmsn libmsn is a C++ library for Microsoft's MSN Messenger service. It provides a high-level interface that allows an application to access instant messaging features with ease.
  56. libnxml a C library for parsing, writing and creating XML 1.0 and 1.1 files or streams.
  57. LibreOffice, The free office suite.
  58. libTorrent a BitTorrent library written in C++ for *nix, with a focus on high performance and good code
  59. libvmod-curl This vmod provides curl bindings for Varnish so you can use Varnish as an HTTP client and fetch headers and bodies from backends.
  60. Libzypp ZYpp is a Linux software management engine with a powerful dependency resolver and a convenient package management API.
  61. Liferea A simple and free Gtk desktop news aggregator for Unix and Linux
  62. logan's multimedia console a xine-lib and readline-based media player
  63. logjam a GTK client for
  64. Luau Luau provides a backbone for disseminating software updates throughout a software project's userbase.
  65. MandrakeUpdateRobot A console based MandrakeUpdate. This tool enables automatic retrieval of updates (including the dependencies too)
  66. MapServer OpenSource development environment for building spatially enabled Internet applications (a.k.a. webmapping).
  67. metadl Metadl is a downloading plugin for NSIS
  68. MEFT - Mass E-Gold Pledge Fulfillment MEFT is a tool to make donating money through the internet easier.
  69. MiKTeX up-to-date TeX implementation for the Windows operating system
  70. MirrorX Mac OS X tool for mirroring
  71. mpd MPD is a flexible, powerful, server-side application for playing music. Through plugins and libraries it can play a variety of sound files while being controlled by it's network protocol.
  72. mod_curltunnel small apache reverse proxy module
  73. mod_xslt XML and XSL "stuff" for Apache
  74. Motion A software motion detector using input from video4linux devices and/or from webcams
  75. mulk Non-interactive multi-connection network downloader with image filtering and Metalink support
  76. MusicImage MusicImage communicates with Apple's iTunes application on MacOS X to provide users with the ability to show anyone on the Web what music they are listening to - uses libcurl for communication with its server.
  77. nALFS nALFS is interactive, ncurses-based application used for parsing the ALFS profiles (simple instructions in XML)
  78. NetDropbox NetDropbox is a file transfer service that makes it easy to send large files to anyone with an email address.
  79. NetMate NETMATE (Network Measurement and Accounting System) is a flexible and extensible network measurement tool (meter). It can be used for accounting, delay/loss measurement, packet capturing and much more.
  80. NetMess NetMess is a p2p file sharing system.
  81. NetSurf an open-source web browser for RISC OS.
  82. News Notification A gtk based rss reader which notifies the user of new rss news via a popup window.
  83. Novobot heavy-duty RSS feed reader for Windows
  84. OPeNDAP Open-source Project for a Network Data Access Protocol
  85. free "productivity suite" compatible with all major office suites.
  86. Dictionary Installer Dictionary Installer for Unix
  87. Open Packages The New Standard for Open Source binaries
  88. OpenSAML an Open Source Security Assertion Markup Language implementation
  89. paintlib paintlib is a portable C++ class library for image loading, saving and manipulation.
  90. PeerBlock lets you control who your computer "talks to" on the Internet. By selecting appropriate lists of "known bad" computers, you can block communication with advertising or spyware oriented servers...
  91. pam_http PAM module using HTTP Basic authentication
  92. Paperboy-RSS the all around 'best' open source RSS reader
  93. PHPAUTHNET The most widely used script for processing transactions through the gateway
  94. PicMeme PicMeme is a stand alone Windows application *and* Windows screen saver that crawls through internet web space and collects interesting pictures to be displayed on your screen.
  95. Phoenix runs as screensaver on your desktop and let us use it when you dont (for computations of scientific interest).
  96. PreViking A telephony daemon
  97. QuIDScor an open source tool for correlating IDS events with vulnerabilities detected by QualysGuard.
  98. RadioLover Mac OS X Internet Radio Recorder
  99. RAVL A huge image processing and computer vision library.
  100. robots.txt checker A little app which analyses robots.txt files of websites
  101. Shibboleth an open source implementation to support inter-institutional sharing of web resources subject to access controls
  102. Sidewinder An open-source application framework that uses web standards like XHTML, SVG and XForms instead of more complex languages, such as C++ or Java, to create rich internet-facing applications and widgets.
  103. slapt-get an APT-like system for Slackware package management
  104. Snarl SNMP Snarl is a MIB module for net-snmp. snarl is an active URL monitoring web robot that will send its monitoring results as snmp traps
  105. Stampede a simple HTTP performance measurement and correctness verification tool
  106. streamtuner streamtuner is a stream directory browser. It will connect to a source (probably a web server) and retrieve the list of available audio streams.
  107. SOAP to CORBA bridge generic SOAP to CORBA Open Source bridge project
  108. Sylpheed-Claws an email client (and news reader) that uses libcurl in at least three plugins: vCalendar, RSSyl and Gtkhtml2Viewer
  109. s3fs FUSE-based file system backed by Amazon S3.
  110. TA-LIB A set of C/C++ libraries allowing to manage and process stock/future market data.
  111. Transmission a BitTorrent client
  112. UnrealIRCd An Open Source (GPL) Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server with numerous features. UnrealIRCd uses libcurl to allow administrators to pull configuration files off of a remote host.
  113. UrlGet UrlGet is a download manager that uses GTK+2, libxml2, and libcurl.
  114. Vaayu Vaayu is a software based Intrusion Detection System (IDS) stress tool to generate attacks for an IDS in an operational environment.
  115. VolView An intuitive, interactive system for volume visualization cross-platform
  116. Vorbis Tools These tools will allow you to play, encode and manage Ogg Vorbis files.
  117. Watson Mac OS X application that puts a GUI over several useful Internet services. Makes use of CurlHandle
  118. wmget wmget (formerly wmcurl) is a dock app for the GNU Window Maker window manager which makes it more convenient to perform long downloads in the background.
  119. wmweather provides monitor on a 64x64 mini window that displays the current weather.
  120. wubi Wubi is an unofficial Ubuntu installer for Windows
  121. XBMC is a media center for Windows, iOS, OSX, Linux and Android.
  122. XD640 Lightweight desktop environment and office suite
  123. Xen a Virtual Machine Monitor for x86 that supports execution of multiple guest operating systems
  124. Xine xine is a free multimedia player.
  125. Xinergie Client Framework A generic framework for web-accessible XML-based services
  126. XML-RPC for C and C++ xmlrpc-c is an XML-RPC implementation for C and C++! (*surprise*)
  127. YouGrabber a multi-threaded (POSIX Threads based) command line video downloader
  128. ytgrabcl You Tube Movie Grabber CL allows you to download movies from youtube
  129. YPOPs! YPOPs! is an open-source initiative to provide free POP3 and SMTP access to your Yahoo! Mail account.

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