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[curl:bugs] #1404 Certificate verification fails using DarwinSSL

From: Tzu <>
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2014 18:18:04 +0000

** [bugs:#1404] Certificate verification fails using DarwinSSL**
**Status:** open
**Labels:** DarwinSSL 
**Created:** Tue Aug 05, 2014 06:18 PM UTC by Tzu
**Last Updated:** Tue Aug 05, 2014 06:18 PM UTC
**Owner:** nobody
Curl release version 7.37.1 broke SSL negotiation using DarwinSSL. This worked fine on version 7.37.0. As suggested to me earlier on the irc channel, I have built curl from git repository to do a git bisect.

Environment details:
> OS: Mac OS X 10.9.4 (Darwin Kernel Version 13.3.0)
> clang: Apple LLVM version 5.1 (clang-503.0.40) (based on LLVM 3.4svn)

    ~/curl ❯❯❯ src/curl --version 
    curl 7.38.0-DEV (x86_64-apple-darwin13.3.0) libcurl/7.38.0-DEV SecureTransport zlib/1.2.5    libidn/1.28 libssh2/1.4.3 librtmp/2.3
    Protocols: dict file ftp ftps gopher http https imap imaps ldap ldaps pop3 pop3s rtmp rtsp scp sftp smtp smtps telnet tftp
    Features: IDN IPv6 Largefile NTLM NTLM_WB SSL libz

    ~/curl ❯❯❯ src/curl -v

    * Hostname was NOT found in DNS cache
    *   Trying
    * Connected to ( port 443 (#0)
    * SSL: certificate verification failed (result: 5)
    * Closing connection 0

After doing a git bisect on the repository starting from 7.37.0 to 7.37.1,

> ~/curl git:bisect/good-c6d5f80d8b6ec795a3f88833d6f7c471fe8f2b4c:bisect ❯❯❯ git bisect good
> cd2cedf002a7639fbb6295a2f9838bc99d4a0bf7 is the first bad commit
> commit cd2cedf002a7639fbb6295a2f9838bc99d4a0bf7
> Author: Vilmos Nebehaj <>
> Date:   Thu Apr 17 07:03:05 2014 -0700

>    Add support for --cacert in DarwinSSL.

>    Security Framework on OS X makes it possible to supply extra anchor (CA)
>    certificates via the Certificate, Key, and Trust Services API. This
>    commit makes the '--cacert' option work using this API.

>    More information:

>    The HTTPS tests now pass on OS X except 314, which requires the '--crl' option to work.

> :040000 040000 ff22873e78147e1085203d748d4356bfcb07527e 11e40c9c116e53483e4fdac92b19e3761ae7fe47 M      lib
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