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[curl:bugs] #1330 Test 172 fails after Feburary 1st 2014

From: Steve Holme <>
Date: Sun, 02 Feb 2014 11:13:52 +0000

Thanks Adam,

I have just pushed commit ffb8a21d85bde8 which changes the timestamp to 2139150993 (Wed, 14 Oct 2037 16:36:33 GMT) as per test 179. This should fix the issue but I'll keep an eye on the auto builds to see what happens as I'm at FOSDEM with Daniel and some of the other curl developers ;-)

** [bugs:#1330] Test 172 fails after Feburary 1st 2014**
**Status:** open
**Created:** Sat Feb 01, 2014 05:52 PM UTC by Adam Sampson
**Last Updated:** Sun Feb 02, 2014 11:10 AM UTC
**Owner:** Steve Holme
tests/data/test172 contains a cookie jar file where one of the cookies has an expiry date of 1391252187 -- which is 10:56:27 GMT on 1st February 2014.
Since it's now after that time (it's 1391277079 as I write), test 172 now fails because the cookie's expired. Changing it to a later time fixes it.
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