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Re: Funding curl up attendance

From: Christian Schmitz <>
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2019 10:03:10 +0100

> I still want students who apply to actually be interested in curl and the curl project, so I want to have some kind of "bar" for that. Hence the mention of a pull-request "or other contributiion".
> Should we make it more explicit for students?

We had quite a bit of success for our last conference with offering free tickets for people below age of 25.
At least we were happy to get three people to volunteer to take the tickets.

If you sponsor students coming, that may be a great way to encourage new people to join the project.

So I would suggest to contact the top 100 contributors list to tell them, the offer could be extended to a colleague, friend, family member or maybe a student from their university to travel with them to the conference.


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