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From: Timothe Litt <>
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2020 03:40:29 -0400

I'm working on an application that both uses Curl and directly uses
another library.

I'd like consistency :-)

I see the curl_easy_setopt items CURLOPT_CAINFO (root cert bundle) and
CURLOPT_CAPATH (root cert directory).

I'd like to be able to read them - particularly the default for CAINFO
(CAPATH is documented as NULL) so that they can be passed to the other
library.  But the "current" values would be better.

The documentation doesn't list a way to get the values - though they do
seem to show up in debug/verbose output.

I'd like to default to Curl's built-in values because it does a good job
of defaulting based on the build system; the others aren't quite as good.

So: Am I missing an API call to get these?  If not, perhaps
curl_version_info() could provide?

As a side note, in my search I noted that has a link to - which wins a 404...


Timothe Litt
ACM Distinguished Engineer
This communication may not represent the ACM or my employer's views,
if any, on the matters discussed. 


Received on 2020-03-22