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Re[2]: libcurl version

From: Алексей via curl-library <>
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2020 18:47:30 +0300

Thanks, but you didn’t answer on my question.
Is that libraries files are equal or not? They have the same version in their names.
I don’t need latest curl, I need to have ability to build plcontainer without updating curl in Centos with minimum packages and packages should be available without any buildings from source.

>Воскресенье, 16 февраля 2020, 6:17 +03:00 от Dennis Clarke via curl-library <>:

>On 2020-02-15 15:04, Алексей via curl-library wrote:
>> Hello.
>> Would you be so kind to explain me one thing.
>> Iam building one github project that depends of libcurl version.
>> In the of that project (plcontainer) written the following:
>> PL/Container needs libcurl >=7.40.
>This is simple. You need curl and it should be recent.
>Even better you should have actual real curl released 8 Jan 2020 as
>version 7.68.0 :
>It is wonderful. It works. It does everything you want. It may even
>make coffee and you can port it almost anywhere. I know, I have done
>so. You can even get a snazzy CURL tee-shirt. I have one and you should
>If you want the latest sources from git then you can do :
>     git clone
>> If the libcurl version on your system is low, you need to upgrade at first.
>Right. Do that.
>You have CentOS which is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux where
>everything will be very old and out of date. Everything. However it
>is very stable and useful for production environments that want support
>$contracts$ and that is the purpose. However CentOS will have some
>software repo services ( somewhere ) to provide more up to date software
>however you are far far better to just get the code and compile it
>Dennis Clarke
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Received on 2020-02-16