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libcurl version

From: Алексей via curl-library <>
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2020 23:04:58 +0300

Would you be so kind to explain me one thing.
Iam building one github project that depends of libcurl version.
In the of that project (plcontainer) written the following:
PL/Container needs libcurl >=7.40. If the libcurl version on your system is low, you need to upgrade at first. For example, you could download source code and then compile and install, following this page: Install libcurl from source. Note you should make sure the libcurl library path is in the list for library lookup. Typically you might want to add the path into LD_LIBRARY_PATH and export them in shell configuration or on all nodes (Note you need to restart the Greenplum cluster).
But In Makefile the version is checked with curl-config --version.

In Centos 7.7.1908 there is curl with version 7.29.0 it has libcurl = static library. Of course curl-config writes libcurl 7.29.0
In curl with version 7.43.0 I've compiled from sources too.
But in 7.47.0 there is
As far as i know libcurl.4.3.0 from version 7.29.0 and libcurl.4.3.0 from version 7.43.0 are the same shared objects . At least they are compatible.
Is it true or Iam wrong?
Thanks a lot

Алексей Блитц

Received on 2020-02-15