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Re: reproducible, but limited, SEGFAULTS after upgrade curl/libcurl 7.66 -> 7.67. curl issue, or not?

From: PGNet Dev via curl-library <>
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2019 11:12:55 -0800

>> *Is* this^^ likely a curl issue?
> There's not enough information to tell. I downloaded that appdata file
> without a problem using 7.67 but I'm using Windows. We need a link to
> the issue filed with the repo and a minimal self-contained example that
> can be used to reproduce. Find out if there's a way to enable curl
> verbosity, like for example in git you enable it with environment
> GIT_CURL_VERBOSE, maybe zypper has something similar.

Got it.

Will see what/if I can cobble up ...
Received on 2019-11-12