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RE: file:// test URLs

From: Marcel Raad via curl-library <>
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2019 08:05:13 +0000

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> From: curl-library <> On Behalf Of Ray
> Satiro via curl-library
> Sent: Samstag, 19. Oktober 2019 07:24
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> Cc: Ray Satiro <>
> Subject: Re: file:// test URLs
> Older versions allowed
> something like file://localhost/foo to read from the root of the current
> drive but that wouldn't work the way you expect. Like if the current
> drive was c it would have attempted c:/home/marcel/curl/..... Recent
> versions are stricter. I don't think it's an MSYS bug. curl for windows
> ( I assume WIN32 is defined here?) is going to attempt to write to
> windows paths, does msys filter that? I know it does with command line
> arguments so if you write -o /home/marcel/curl/out it actually changes
> the argument to something like -o
> C:/MinGW/msys/1.0/home/marcel/curl/out. I have an argumentparser [1]
> that can show you what happens.

Thanks, that tool is very useful!

So what happens with file://localhost/home/marcel/curl/tests/log/test200.txt
is that curl receives that argument as is, it successfully writes to /home/marcel/curl/tests/log/test200.txt,
which translates to the Windows path C:\msys64\home\marcel\curl\tests\log\test200.txt,
and the test passes.

What happens with file://localhost//home/marcel/curl/tests/log/test200.txt
is that it receives the argument as is, tries to write to //home/marcel/curl/tests/log/test200.txt, and fails.

WIN32 is not defined when building with the MSYS GCC.


Received on 2019-10-19