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Re: "curl_multi_unblock"

From: Stefan Eissing via curl-library <>
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2019 16:22:24 +0200

Thinking about how I might use the curl_multi_unblock(). It seems unreliable in the sense that a thread calling this cannot be sure that another thread is actually blocked. The other one might be about to enter a blocking state and the unblock is just a bit too early...

So, threads who want to reliably use this need an additional synch mechanism/condition variable. Hmm. Just like any conditional needs to be guarded by a mutex, really.

So, I do not know how useful curl_multi_unblock() alone might be.

In my curl use for ACME, I could make use of a curl_multi_abort(). By which I mean the abort of all contained easy handles and a subsequent unblock(). (I do not claim this to be *the* use case, just one which I can see for myself)

Cheers, Stefan

> Am 10.10.2019 um 15:56 schrieb Daniel Stenberg via curl-library <>:
> Hi,
> The other day I mentioned the curl_easy_abort() idea on how to stop an easy transfer from another thread:
> Here's the similar idea but for "unblocking" a multi interface wait/poll call. I call it "curl_multi_unblock" as a working title.
> Details are here:
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Received on 2019-10-10