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Re: Stoppable curl_easy_perform ?

From: Christopher Head via curl-library <>
Date: Mon, 07 Oct 2019 18:30:05 -0700

How would this work with multi? A multi has a built in share, so presumably one could stop an easy in a multi if that share had an appropriate locking setup. But what would be the expected behaviour then? Should it be (1) a stop call causes application code to regain control from curl_multi_perform promptly, but without damaging any of the other easies, or (2) the stop call aborts one easy, and only aborting *all* the easies guarantees control returned to the application promptly? Or something else entirely?

If the expected behaviour is (1), it seems that curl_multi_stop should be a thing, and then really it ought to be possible to stop a curl_multi_perform without damaging *any* of its easies, and perhaps then resume it (and all of its easies) later.

Christopher Head
Received on 2019-10-08