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Re: help me improve behavior on Windows?

From: Patrick Monnerat via curl-library <>
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2019 12:02:12 +0200

On 10/6/19 10:59 AM, Daniel Stenberg via curl-library wrote:
> That change was done using socketpair() and therefor it unfortunately
> only works on linux and unix-like systems.

> I've written it based on documentation, google searches and repeated
> CI runs. ** I have not used it myself on Windows! **

> This work can be found in PR #4466 on github:
I'm afraid I can't help you with windows but I just want to tell you we
already have a similar function: it is named inetsocketpair() and is
located at lib/vtls/gskit.c line 526 (see comment before this line). In
addition, inetsocketpair() checks for security that no other process
connects to our listening socket.

Maybe we should unify both works ?


Received on 2019-10-06