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CURLSHOPT_LOCKFUNC callback requirements.

From: Carlos ORyan via curl-library <>
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2019 12:26:14 -0400


First, thanks for the excellent product and documentation. This is
mostly a question about whether I am reading the documentation


> data defines what data libcurl wants to lock, and you must make sure that only one lock
> is given at any time for each kind of data.

That requirement is met by giving the *same* lock to different kinds
of data. Did I interpret the doc correctly, or should I use a
different lock for each kind of data (just the same lock for the same
CURLSH* and data kind, and one would expect).

I cannot find any further documentation, except this from the archives:

which suggests a single lock is fine. However I (or rather one of my
users) reported a deadlock because the code here:

Would grab the same lock around lines 997 and 1046. And between my
reading of the documentation and what the code does I am inclined to
believe the code :-)

I guess the bottom line is: should I use different locks for different
kinds of data in the same CURLSH* handle? And if so, may I suggest
that the documentation could be improved to say:

> ... When using multiple kinds of data in a CURLSH you must make sure that your callback
> uses a different lock for each kind of data. With that constraint in mind, use a single lock a
> time for each CURLSH and kind of data.

Thanks in advance,

Carlos O'Ryan
Cloud C++ Client Libraries
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Received on 2019-06-04