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Re: GET requests with gzip encoding fail with CURLE_WRITE_ERROR

From: Ray Satiro via curl-library <>
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2019 03:12:14 -0400

On 4/19/2019 5:01 PM, Dmitri Trembovetski via curl-library wrote:
> As with my earlier email to this list, the configuration is
> self-compiled libcurl with HTTP/2 support (openssl, nghttp2) for my
> project.
> curl 7.64.1
> nghttp2 v1.37.0
> openssl 1.1.0
> I've compiled and run the same app on MacOSX, Android (x64), and Linux with
> the same results.
> It uses platform zlib for gzip encoding on MacOSX (compatibility
> version 1.0.0, current version 1.2.11), on linux zlib was 1.2.8
> (, and on Android who knows, so it doesn't look like
> zlib version is the issue.
> I'm using multi interface.
> The problem is that if I enable gzip encoding
> (curl_easy_setopt(handle, CURLOPT_ACCEPT_ENCODING, "gzip")) my GET
> requests fail with CURLE_WRITE_ERROR.
> Note that the error is not caused by my WRITE callback's return
> value, it originates from process_trailer() function in
> lib/content_encoding.c:
> static CURLcode process_trailer(struct connectdata *conn, zlib_params *zp)
> {
> ...
> z->next_in += len;
> if(z->avail_in) {
> result = CURLE_WRITE_ERROR; <<< here
> }
> This is before my WRITE callback is invoked for this batch of data.
> This happens with HTTP1.1 and HTTP/2 (so unrelated to my earlier
> issue that I asked about on this list).
> It doesn't fail on every GET request, looks like only if the request
> has a few tens of KB of data to read.
> The interesting thing is that it worked with earlier curl version
> (7.56.1, I haven't bisected further) in the same exact environments,
> with the same server, both with HTTP 1.1 and /2 (HTTP/2 didn't work
> for me on POSTs on 7.56.1 but GETs were fine).
> Attaching relevant part of the log (taken on MacOSX) with debug
> tracing enabled and a diff that I applied for my very sophisticated
> debugging. In the log 0x7f9c79813c00 is the handle which failed.
> Has something changed between those curl versions? Perhaps some
> validation was added or something?

Possibly known bug 1.7 "Deflate error after all content was received"
[1]. Starting in 7.58.0 there was additional validation added to check
for unparseable trailer bytes [2]. Later in 7.61.1 it was relaxed a
little [3].

It's interesting that it fails only on certain body sizes. Given that
it's not hitting the writefunction we can reconstruct it from the
trace.log and then try playing it back. At first glance there's some
null bytes at the end, so that may be something.


Received on 2019-04-20