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Require help on performing HTTP GET/DELETE/PATCH with http body

From: Badari Prasad via curl-library <>
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2018 16:03:06 +0530

Hi ,
    I am working with multi socket interface for my curl functionality, I
would want to have HTTP GET/DELETE/PATCH request with http body.
I am facing issue with my implementation where body is not being sent out
to server. I have used CURLOPT_READFUNCTION to upload http body. Have also

And with PATCH http body (multipart size < 1024 bytes) is sent out, even
though the server has responded to request, transaction at libcurl is
timing out. PATCH with body > 16k works properly.

Can I get some pointers to debug the issue ?

Verbosity or progress callback function did not help in finding root cause
of the issue.

Thanks in advance.

Received on 2018-11-08