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Re: libCurl does not send data using multi interface on high latency connections

From: Nicolás Bagnasco via curl-library <>
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2018 20:10:51 -0300

> I also tried to run the test suite event-based ("./ -e") with the
> added delay still enabled for localhost but I spotted no problems there
> either.

I tried executing "./ -e" and I got this:
TESTDONE: 23 tests out of 24 reported OK: 95%
TESTFAIL: These test cases failed: 24
TESTDONE: 43 tests were considered during 44 seconds.
TESTINFO: 19 tests were skipped due to these restraints:
TESTINFO: "configured as DISABLED" 19 times (530, 536, 584, 594, 836,
882, 938, 1209, 1211 and 10 more)

The results are the same with delay as without delay, so I assume here
that adding delay does not affect those tests.

However, then I tried executing "make test" with an artificial delay
of 150ms with tc and the result is as follows:
TESTDONE: 953 tests out of 957 reported OK: 99%
TESTFAIL: These test cases failed: 644 645 1086 1148
TESTDONE: 1214 tests were considered during 3435 seconds.

If I remove the artificial delay in localhost, the result is as follows:
TESTDONE: 958 tests out of 958 reported OK: 100%
TESTDONE: 1214 tests were considered during 1314 seconds.

To make sure the results are consistent, I executed these tests 4
times in total, 2 times without any delay and 2 times with the
artificial delay of 150 ms and the results shows that with the
artificial delay some of the tests fails.
I don't know here if the problem I am having is what it is causing
these tests to fail, but at least with the added delay we can see that
the behavior is not the same.
Received on 2018-09-15