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Re:issues when using libcurl in VBA for ftps

From: Owen via curl-library <>
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2018 16:41:19 +0800

Hi All,

Just resend this in case any one knows how to handle this issue.
This is still not solved.


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From: "Owen";<>;
Date: Jul 20, 2018
To: "curl-library"<>;

Subject: issues when using libcurl in VBA for ftps

I am new to use libcurl in excel VBA to do FTPS, not sure if that is possible, and I could not find some useful materials for that.
Now I am try to test my code in VBA from the beginning by using Libcurl.
The things I did is to download the lastest version of curl-7.60.0-win64-mingw, and extract in my personal folder.
Then I add the bin folder to the system environment path, and under this folder, there are 3 members:
curl.exe & curl-ca-bundle.crt & libcurl-x64.dll.
I try the curl.exe in 'command prompt' to send files through FTPS, and that works fine.

The I copy the following code from others and try to see if that works(the codes are copied from one example I got in curl haxx website,just for setting environment):
I use the following to declare function in VBA:

Public Declare Function CurlEasyInit Lib "libcurl-x64.dll" _
     Alias "curl_easy_init" () As Long
Public Declare Sub CurlEasyCleanUp Lib "libcurl-x64.dll" _
     Alias "curl_easy_cleanup" (ByVal handle As Long)

The code to run is:
handle = CurlEasyInit()
 Call CurlEasyCleanUp(handle)

When this code was called, it return the error 48 : File not found: Libcurl-x64.dll

Did anyone meet the same issue before or use curl in VBA successfully for ftps? Am I miss any steps?


Received on 2018-09-03