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--disable-symbol-hiding not working anymore?

From: Ran Mozes <>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2018 13:42:21 +0200


I used to compile curl with the flag "--disable-symbol-hiding“ in the past and
in the created „“ the Curl_base64_decode()/Curl_base64_encode() functions were
seen as „GLOB". (Last time I saw it, it was with version 7.45.0).

-bash-3.2$ nm -gC | grep Curl_base64
[2175] | 65360| 624|FUNC |GLOB |0 |12 |Curl_base64_decode
[2024] | 66456| 72|FUNC |GLOB |0 |12 |Curl_base64_encode

Somewhere along the way this behavior has changed and in the latest version these functions
will show in the „.so“ file as „LOCL“ (hidden).

I have tried removing CURL_CHECK_OPTION_SYMBOL_HIDING and CURL_CHECK_COMPILER_SYMBOL_HIDING from but it didn’t work around the issue.

Our app uses these functions and I’d like to avoid reimplementing them. I’d appreciate a work around for the issue.
I am following the advise of Dan Fandrich (had some email exchange) to report to this alias.

Thanks for your time and help in advance!

Received on 2018-07-31