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Re: SCP to Cisco device

From: Martin Galvan <>
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2018 10:26:31 -0300

2018-07-05 3:23 GMT-03:00 Daniel Stenberg <>:
> On Wed, 4 Jul 2018, Martin Galvan wrote:
> I did a quick check and I found two things:
> 1. I can get a file fine over SCP with the libssh backend when I do:
> curl scp://localhost/tmp/moo -u user:pwd
> 2. I can however trigger an assert if I leave out the path part from the
> URL:
> curl scp://localhost/ -u user:pwd

In my case, I did:

curl -v scp://somehost/home/user/martinTest -u user:pass

and got a segfault. Same thing happens with localhost. Notice I'm not
hitting an assert but having a segfault.

> If the "preserve properties" action is the problem then I think we should do
> what I suggested already five years ago: have a fall-back mode that can
> retry without asking for them. It seems nobody took up the task back then.
> Possibly because not that many can reproduce this and it makes it pretty
> annoying to work on.

I can test any fixes you guys come up with.
Received on 2018-07-05