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Re: SCP to Cisco device

From: Martin Galvan <>
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2018 16:12:03 -0300

Hi Daniel, thanks for the answer. Unfortunately I don't have time right now for
re-building the SSH libs to debug them. I'm using the libssh/2 versions that I
got from the Ubuntu 17.10 libssh-dev and libssh2-1-dev packages, so it's not
some exotic case. I'm surprised this hasn't happened to someone else by now,
especially the segfault case. This isn't happening just for the Cisco device;
*any* attempt to SCP ends up segfaulting. Could you test it yourself?

Assuming it's the -p option that's breaking stuff as it was in Mike's case, how
could we fix this? I really don't want to start hacking libcurl myself to reach
a fragile workaround, as this needs to go into production.

PS: Please CC me directly, as I sometimes forget to check the mailing list
Received on 2018-07-04