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From: Rich Gray <>
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2018 08:16:08 -0400

Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> FYI,
> I just added docs/ to the git repo, outlining the deprecation
> plans for axTLS and pipelining. This document is now available on the site
> here:
> When these features have been deprecated, I think they should still be
> mentioned in this document for an extended period of time for all those
> people who won't realize this until a few years after we actually did it...

I wonder if for depreciation of build options like axTLS, you should arrange
a big warning message should anyone try to build it. This may get someone's
attention when they might otherwise miss notification on this list or the
site. Maybe even make the build fail without some sort of "I got it" tweak,
like add --depreciated to the build command or change a flag in a file or

For a runtime option like HTTP pipelining, I guess the best one can do is to
put out a depreciated option warning when it is used and any sort of logging
is enabled.

Received on 2018-07-02