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RE: Wait for a response using curl_multi_wait

From: Erik Janssen <>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2018 09:10:01 +0000


> Using the "multi-single.c" example[1] as a testbed, I notice that after adding the easy
> handle and calling curl_multi_perform, the curl_multi_wait call returns immediately
> and sets numfds to 0, indicating there is no fd to wait on.

What is 'immediately' and what happens on the wire? I checked my own code, I don't
wait inside such loop and actually use the waiting of curl_multi_wait for all my internal
timing needs. I never check numfds either and just proceed to curl_multi_perform/curl_multi_info_read.
This example isn't doing that so you don't see what happens. Maybe the data is just there?

Disclaimer: maybe my code is flawed an happens to work because I also pass some extra_fds.


Received on 2018-03-20