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Re: About IP resolve problem when using HTTP proxy

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2018 17:17:32 +0100 (CET)

On Thu, 8 Mar 2018, Lessandro Mariano wrote:

> I see. I can't figure out a way to solve my use case without patching curl
> though.

(First: this is why we don't top-post. It is really hard to remember what
you're talking about here and we need to search the bottom of the mail to
remind us.)

I didn't actually mean to imply that you can accomplish that URL rewrite in
curl with any existing options. I'm primarily suggesting that CURLOPT_RESOVLE
does something else than what you want. Ie a missing feature, not actually a
bug in existing functionality.



> It would make more sense if curl passed the mbedtls context to the callback
> because you can get the config from the context and not vice versa, but
> changing this would break backwards compatibility with existing code.

Yeah, it would have to be enabled somehow.

> Alternatively, another solution would be to add a new option that overrides
> the hostname used for ssl/sni, i.e. CURLOPT_SSL_HOSTNAME or similar.

That has been suggested before but never implemented. I think primarily
because past users have made things work with _RESOLVE or _CONNECT_TO. Your
added complexity is that you go through a HTTP proxy which basically rules out
those options.

Maybe the time is ripe now...

Received on 2018-03-08