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RE: curl fail with error 27 out of memory

From: Chiang KEN <>
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2018 06:09:52 +0000

Thank you, Daniel!

I tried with a newer version of lib, it did work.
Unfortunately, I can't update the lib for the current project I'm progressing with, so I 'll try to find is there any workaround to fix this.

anyway, thanks!


寄件者: curl-library <> 代表 Daniel Stenberg <>
寄件日期: 2018年2月28日 上午 04:41
收件者: libcurl development
主旨: Re: curl fail with error 27 out of memory

On Tue, 27 Feb 2018, Chiang KEN wrote:

> Currently, I'm trying to write a simple binary on my arm system, I want to
> query some data with libcurl, but its only success for the first time query,
> the rest always get error 27 out of memory.
> I open verbose mode and found that it said:
> SSL: couldn't create a context!
> can you help me to solve this problem? thanks 😃
> My libcurl version is 7.21.3

I'm sorry but that libcurl version is over 7 years old. It is very plausible
that there was a bug in that version that we've since fixed. I can't recall
any specific problem with that outcome, but I also can't remember anyone
having any such problems in modern times (ie within the last couple of years).



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