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Building libcurl with openssl support.

From: ajay giri via curl-library <>
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2017 16:56:40 +0530


I am trying to build libcurl with openssl support. I want to diable default
winssl support and use openssl for windows. I have installed openssl in the
following folder. ( C:\openssldev )
I am using VS command prompt to build libcurl. Libcurl version used is

This is command I used to build.

nmake /f mode=dll VC=9 WITH_DEVEL=C:/openssldev WITH_SSL=DLL

Build is successful. In build directory i find the DLL and libs built.

When I check dependency on libcurl.dll there is no dependency on openssl
libs. So if i try this libs and try to connect to any https UTL it says
protocol not supported.

With dependency check it is clear that it is not built with openssl support.

Could you please help on this issue about building libcurl with only
openssl support on windows.

Am i missing something in command I used to build libcurl ?

Thanks & Regards

Ajay M.Giri

Received on 2017-08-30