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RE: Issue with playback of video captured by libcurl

From: Erik Janssen <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2017 08:26:37 +0000

>   I am storing the content in a <filename>.avi file.
You can't do that. What you get is an endless HTT response that carries a stream, not a file. You have to extract the payload from the HTTP response and write in a container format yourself, upon completion you need to write length/duration/number of frames in a proper header. Google a bit for libraries to help you create .avi, .mp4 etc.

VLC is clever and recognizes the content as a raw format and will play it, making you think you wrote an avi-file.

Wrt irregular playback you will need to do further research. You need a container format that supports timestamps per frame (ruling out .avi).


Received on 2017-06-29