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Re: soname different

From: Ray Satiro via curl-library <>
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2017 02:36:44 -0400

On 5/31/2017 5:30 PM, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> 5.2.0 is weird and I can't understand why it would get that.
> Can you put up your config.log somewhere so that we can take a look?
> configure has code that checks the size of off_t and compares it to
> the size of curl_off_t, and if they differ it bumps that API number.
> But that shouldn't happen on any modern or normal platform... I would
> also assume that a few other people also have built curl on Ubuntu
> 16.04 and we've not seen this reported before!

In case you missed it he's building a version from 6 years ago, so that
may have something to do with it.
Received on 2017-06-01