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RE: Re[2]: Static libcurl size under Windows

From: Rod Widdowson <>
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2017 13:52:39 +0100

> Maybe it's worth trying to build VB with that huge libcurl and see what
> happens... But I wanted to check out what's happenning with libcurl first.

If it's not too daunting a task I'd be tempted to do that.

I'm hindered in that I don't build statically at all so my environment isn't set up but playing around at the edges does seems to indicate that the lib size isn't much bigger than the sum sizes of the objects.

HOWEVER the lib link does include the SSL and ZLIB lines explicitly at the start of the command (the old build had them at the end), and that's pretty deeply integrated into the way that the build works. To tease that out one would need to split the CURL_LFLAGS from the LIB_LFLAGS and only add the dependant libs to the CUR_LFLAGS command.


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