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Re: Recovering from dropped connections with multi curl

From: doa379 <>
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2017 19:49:30 +0100

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the explanation.

There is one further question I could ask you. If we look at the
multi-uv example -- using the method of events on socket file descriptors:

When this statement comes to pass in program execution:

uv_run(loop, UV_RUN_DEFAULT);

why does the libcurl only do one iteration of the transfer of the CURLM*
handle? Namely, you have set up all the easy handles and add them to the
CURLM* handle again everytime.

If you try running this program and comment out these instructions:

curl_multi_remove_handle(curl_handle, easy_handle);

then you would expect that upon calling the CURLM* handle it reuses the
original easy handles and does the same transfer again. But this is not
what is happening. The point is I would like to reuse the easy handles
and not have to re-establish them everytime.

Received on 2017-04-03