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RE: multi interface and RTSP interleved

From: Erik Janssen <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2017 08:57:24 +0000

Hi Pawel,

Sorry to respond months after the fact. I scanned the list for RTSP and found this one.

Daniels comment is really important. You must set the CURL_RTSPREQ_RECEIVE before adding it to the multi, otherwise the handle has nothing to do and will fall-through like you observed.


   rtsp_play(rtsp_handle, uri, "0.000-");
   curl_easy_setopt(rtsp_handle, CURLOPT_RTSP_REQUEST, (long)CURL_RTSPREQ_RECEIVE);
   multi_handle = curl_multi_init();

   /* add the individual transfers */
   curl_multi_add_handle(multi_handle, rtsp_handle);

curl_multi works fine with interleaved RTSP as long as per server you have only one curl handle in your application communicating with it, or you can give all your handles the same callback, then, in the callback you fiddle out the correct identity of the stream by looking at the SSRC, because curl may mix them.


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