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Re: State of CMake support?

From: Sergei Nikulov <>
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2017 21:25:12 +0300

2017-01-06 10:15 GMT+03:00 Noam Chitayat <>:

> Is the CMake build system still considered poorly maintained?

No. We'll fix any issues related to CMake build if you provide details.
You can always submit issue here with
exact description of problem.

> I'm mainly asking because I am trying to cross-compile libcurl using CMake
> now, and am running into trouble (which I'm happy to discuss further in a
> separate thread if needed). I'm not sure if I will even be able to succeed
> using CMake, first and foremost. If CMake support is still missing critical
> features, I'll switch to using buildconf+configure to build curl, and
> dismiss the CMake path for now. Otherwise, I'll start a thread detailing my
> cross-compiler woes and debug further.

Have you read
Have you created toolchain file for your environment as described?
Could you please provide more details?

> Thank you for your time!
> Noam Chitayat
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