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Re: [DKIM] State of CMake support?

From: Zakrzewski, Jakub <>
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2017 10:15:18 +0000

> This line was added to curl's main CMakeLists.txt:

> However, in the past year, there have certainly been a few updates to the CMake build. It's worked for my purposes so far, though with `HTTP_ONLY` on, my
> use case isn't exactly stressing any edge cases.

> Is the CMake build system still considered poorly maintained? Or has its condition changed? Is this based on the documented [CMake Support Gaps]
> ( I do recall at one point stumbling on a much older thread in the archives lamenting a lack of
> dedicated maintainers for the CMake build, but I'm not sure if things have changed.

> I'm mainly asking because I am trying to cross-compile libcurl using CMake now, and am running into trouble (which I'm happy to discuss further in a separate
> thread if needed). I'm not sure if I will even be able to succeed using CMake, first and foremost. If CMake support is still missing critical features, I'll switch to
> using buildconf+configure to build curl, and dismiss the CMake path for now. Otherwise, I'll start a thread detailing my cross-compiler woes and debug further.

Well, I've started some work on CMake for curl because we use it in our company and we've found it beneficial. Since then I also did commit something privately. However the feature set of CMake build is now enough for my company and I've got very little time, so for the time being there's probably only one regular contributor and he mostly does reviews. So yes, sadly, there's a lot to be done and almost no workforce.

That being said it seems that [CMake Support Gaps]? is a bit outdated as some of the points were already fixed. Depending on what features you need you may have some troubles. I can imagine that lack of appropriate SONAME may be problematic for you.

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