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RE: macOS10.12/Xcode8 introduces run-time crash when building libcurl for earlier iOS versions

From: Peter White (jawhite2) <>
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2016 10:52:02 +0000

>There's actually one other thing you can do - I haven't tested it with curl's configure script, but I did test it with libav's (non-autoconf
>based) configure script today:
>In addition to the -miphoneos-version-min or -mmacosx-version-min option, add -Werror=partial-availability. This makes it an error to refer to symbols that don't exist in the baseline platform version chosen, which should hopefully be enough for the configure test to fail, to make it not use this function.
>// Martin

Thanks Martin. That flag did indeed fail the clock_gettime configure test, and much better than my workaound for setting "curl_func_clock_gettime" to no!

Just as a confirmation, this did affect OSX when I tested it, causing a crash for the same reason. The partial-availability flag also fixes it for OSX.

Thanks to all for your help,

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