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[PATCH v2] Do not require escaping of colon in RFC7512 certificate IDs

From: David Woodhouse <>
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2016 10:30:21 +0100

RFC7512 provides a standard method to reference certificates in PKCS#11
tokens, by means of a URI starting 'pkcs11:'.

We're working on fixing various applications so that whenever they
would have been able to use certificates from a file, users can simply
insert a PKCS#11 URI instead and expect it to work. This expectation is
now a part of the Fedora packaging guidelines, for example.

This doesn't work with cURL because of the way that the colon is used
to separate the certificate argument from the passphrase. So instead of

   curl -E 'pkcs11:manufacturer=piv_II;id=%01' …

I instead need to invoke cURL with the colon escaped, like this:

   curl -E 'pkcs11\:manufacturer=piv_II;id=%01' …

This is suboptimal because we want *consistency* — the URI should be
usable in place of a filename anywhere, without having strange
differences for different applications.

This patch therefore disables the processing in parse_cert_parameter()
when the string starts with 'pkcs11:'. It means you can't pass a
passphrase with an unescaped PKCS#11 URI, but there's no need to do so
because RFC7512 allows a PIN to be given as a 'pin-value' attribute in
the URI itself.

Also, if users are already using RFC7512 URIs with the colon escaped as
in the above example — even providing a passphrase for cURL to handling
instead of using a pin-value attribute, that will continue to work
because their string will start 'pkcs11\:' and won't match the check.

What *does* break with this patch is the extremely unlikely case that a
user has a file which is in the local directory and literally named
just "pkcs11", and they have a passphrase on it. If that ever happened,
the user would need to refer to it as './pkcs11:<passphrase>' instead.

v2: Fix the comment to reflect the changed behaviour too.
diff --git a/src/tool_getparam.c b/src/tool_getparam.c
index d60e04c..e49acf8 100644
--- a/src/tool_getparam.c
+++ b/src/tool_getparam.c
@@ -301,9 +301,12 @@ void parse_cert_parameter(const char *cert_parameter,
   if(param_length == 0)
-  /* next less trivial: cert_parameter contains no colon nor backslash; this
+  /* next less trivial: cert_parameter starts 'pkcs11:' and thus
+   * looks like a RFC7512 PKCS#11 URI which can be used as-is.
+   * Also if cert_parameter contains no colon nor backslash, this
    * means no passphrase was given and no characters escaped */
-  if(!strpbrk(cert_parameter, ":\\")) {
+  if(!strncmp(cert_parameter, "pkcs11:", 7) ||
+     !strpbrk(cert_parameter, ":\\")) {
     *certname = strdup(cert_parameter);
David Woodhouse                            Open Source Technology Centre                              Intel Corporation

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