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Re: curl user survey results 2016

From: Henri Hein <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2016 11:52:29 -0700

"Transfer speed was checked 7.8% down from the whopping 19.2% in 2014. I
still don’t think we’ve
changed anything significantly in curl/libcurl that has changed transfer
speeds. So what made
people change their perception? In the same time period, transfer speed got
marked as “best area”
9.3% in 2016 down from 22.4% in 2014. So basically half the amount as
before thought it was a
best area and half the amount thought it is a worst area! Confusing."

It can be problematic to ask people about transfer speeds. I'm not saying
it's a bad question, but I would take the replies with a grain of salt.
There are
those of us who understand curl cannot single-handedly make the packets
travel faster through the wire, and that optimizations tend to reach a point
of diminishing returns, but some people, when you raise the possibility of
better transfer speeds, will just not be able to find it in them to say no.
Even indirectly, as in "if I mark this as the worst area, maybe they will
make it faster."

  - Henri

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