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Allow compiler typechecking for CURL, CURLM and CURLSH

From: Reinhard Max <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2016 11:41:12 +0200 (CEST)


I found that this has been discussed already back in 2007 and Daniel
seemed to be positive about it, but then the discussion ended without
a visible decision one way or the other, so I am picking this up

The fact that these three types are defined as void suppresses
compiler warnings if pointers to them are mixed among each other or
with other pointers.

I recently stumbled over this as the maintainer of the TclCurl package
n openSUSE when I received a bug report about it segfaulting when the
multi interface is used. It turned out that there are some places in
TclCurl where accidentally a CURLM pointer gets passed to a function
that expects a pointer to an internal structure of TclCurl, leading to
memory corruption and eventually triggering the segfault.

After I had found and fixed this, I changed the definition of these
types to be opaque structures:

typedef struct CURL CURL;
typedef struct CURLM CURLM;
typedef struct CURLSH CURLSH;

This revealed a few more cases of CURLM being passed instead of a
TclCurl structure and one case of a CURLSH pointer variable that was
accidentally declared as CURL.

Therefore I strongly suggest to change the definition of these types
to something that does allow typecheckig. I am neutral on whether this
is done using dummy names like I did above or by using the actual
internal names as it was suggested in the old thread, as long as it is
done at all.

Using dummy names has the advantage of not revealing additional
details about libcurl internals, but people can read the source code
anyway, so it doesn't really hide anyting. I think using the internal
names would have the advantage of extending the typechecking into
libcurl itself, because functions that take one of these types would
not need an explicit cast to the internal type, but I haven't checked
this thoroughly.

AFAICS neither variant of the change would constitute an API or ABI
change on relevant platforms (unless old Crays are still considered
relevant) and for proper uses of libcurl. It should only produce new
compiler warnings or errors in cases where libcurl is used improperly,
be it accidentially or intentionally.


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