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Re: Getting files from SFTP is slower at newer versions

From: Ray Satiro via curl-library <>
Date: Sun, 29 May 2016 14:09:57 -0400

On 5/29/2016 4:05 AM, Moti Avrahami wrote:
> The weird fact is that I tried it also with curl.exe and it works, but
> doesn't work with libcurl.
> I tried it against 2 servers and got the same result.
> I verified the libcurl commands by the "curl.exe --libcurl" option and
> it's seems Ok.
> I've also sent a question to the libssh2 development group and
> published the below debug output from libssh2, but still didn't get an
> answer there.
> Any idea?

Please do not top post, it makes your threads harder to follow and
discourages people from reading them [1].

As I already told you on the libssh2 mailing list I've tried 1.7.0 and
it works for me [2]. You should disclose the server type. You should
check that the version of libcurl being used by your application is
actually the same as what you think, and not some older DLL or
something. printf("%s\n", curl_version());

Also another thing you could try is a contributor's libcurl/libssh2
build [3].


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