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Re: How to use a bash script for http-post?

From: Aleksandar Lazic <>
Date: Sat, 28 May 2016 10:38:27 +0200


On 25-05-2016 06:37, wrote Kman Devnull:

> Hi,
> My current curl code is in C, and runs within a gcc linux env. My
> current code uses libcurl to do HTTP post.
> Now, I want to use a bash script instead of the below C code to carry
> out the same curl-http-post.
> How do I use bash script to use CURL for HTTP-POST? Can you point me to
> any examples, please?
> Many thanks.
> ====== My code looks similar to the below =============


This looks to me like

maybe you wanted to copy this ;-)

How about to take a look into this site.

I would also suggest to use the curl-users list for

curl command line tool

See for the Description of the lists.

Best regards
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