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SSL/TLS: Connection seems dead

From: Igor Gatis <>
Date: Wed, 25 May 2016 11:44:30 -0300

I'm using Nowin webserver a weird interaction with libcurl (reported here: The repro steps are:

1. Bring up server with Nowin and a valid certificate
2. curl -v https://servername/index.html https://servername/index.html

SSL session is reused in the 2nd GET. But it reports "Connection seems
dead" on the 3rd GET.

I debugged Curl_socket_check in lib/select.c code and found out that
pfd[num].revents == 65, where POLLRDNORM == 64 and POLLIN == 1.
Thus Curl_socket_check returns CURL_CSELECT_IN. SocketIsDead returns true
which causes disconnection.

I was able to reproduce the problem in both Windows and Linux (Ubuntu)
client environments.

What can I conclude from there? Is the webserver misbehaving? If so, why?

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