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Pipelining a single download

From: Alexandre BOUIN <>
Date: Tue, 3 May 2016 15:25:17 +0200

Hello libCurl developers,

For our project, I would like to split a download through a single
connexion, using Pipelining. For the moment, I succeed in making a loop
that send x range requests, and send next range request as soon a previous
one has finished. x is the number of the pipeline length.

My concern is that I'm not able for the moment to reach full throttle,
since throughput is limited to let say 33% of the real bandwidth, with 4
If I increase pipeline length (up to 50) or I increase max host connexion
(up to 3-4), I'm able to reach a better throughput, but my feeling is that
too many requests are used for the benefits.

Could you please help me understanding the reasons why I cannot reach the
reference throughput using a reasonable pipeline length ?

Best regards,

P.S.: I can share a piece of code if needed, since it is probably not
perfect :)

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